Photo Conspirator

Eric Stein has been creating images with stopping power for over 25 years. Both classically and technically trained as a photographer in art school, his conceptual abilities garnered attention from the very agencies that were hiring him as a photographer and he landed a position in the advertising agency world as an art director. He worked his way up the agency ladder, becoming a creative director and eventually executive creative director, where he led creative teams at global stalwarts that include Saatchi and Saatchi (NY and LA) McCann-Erickson Worldwide (Europe) and DDB. As an agency creative, his ability to take a strategic business initiative and wrap it into an inspired and often provocative visual narrative, one that could make the viewer pause to appreciate, brought him virtually every industry award. And no doubt his disruptive approach and creativity persuaded many customers to buy the products in his ads.

He has come full circle and returned to his first love, the camera. And once again the advertising world is taking note of his unique story-telling skills, critical eye and images with stopping power. He often collaborates with agency creatives at the concept stage and is well versed in agency-client dynamics. More importantly, Eric is trusted by agency creatives because in many ways he is one at heart. He applies those curated instincts obsessively, making concepts and visuals as imaginative and compelling as they can be.